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Are you knowledgeable on topics related to health and wellness? We welcome your contributions!

We cover a variety of topics including nutrition, healing, fitness, personal development, motivation, mindfulness, relationships, spirituality, and sustainable living. We recognize that wellness is a vast subject and are open to hearing about what contributes to your wellbeing.

Guidelines for Written Content Submission

Original Content

Content submitted must be unique. 

We will not consider content which has been published or is planned to be published elsewhere. This includes books, magazines, and other online platforms.

We do not accept plagiarized content. All submitted content is screened for plagiarism.

If you want to share what you know about a topic that you have written about previously do not simply reword the content. You can make it original by writing from a different point of view, adding your opinion, and including more details on points that you have made previously.

Here are some questions that may help you to focus your writing:

  • What information or advice can you give that will make life better for our readers?
  • Do you have a unique or creative solution to a problem?
  • Can you elaborate on material covered in other articles already featured on Flowing Free?
  • Can you put your own creative spin on a popular topic?
  • Do you have something to share that will inspire our readers?

Tips on Writing

Write a good introductory paragraph which explains what your piece is about and entices the reader to keep reading.

Create a relevant and engaging title for your piece. No one will read your great content if the tile does not grab their attention.

Break your content down into appropriate subheadings and use bullet points to list key ideas.

If it works with your writing style, make some text bold to have it stick out from the rest. This makes your writing easier to read and helps highlight key ideas.

We suggest a minimum of 700 words; if you can’t say that much about a topic, it may not be worth writing about. There is no maximum word count for content submissions. Many of our top ranking articles provide in-depth discussion at 5,000+ words.

Write for the readers. Find a balance between getting your ideas across in a clear and concise way while including enough detail so the readers understand what you are trying to say. Don’t add unnecessary fluff to create a longer piece.

Link to Your Sources

If you mention a statistic, studies, or health claims please link to the original source. We prefer credible sources such as academic journals, scientific studies, and credible health and wellness professionals.

Include Images

We want to include your images if possible. Make sure you include the photo credit and use only non-copyrighted images from Creative Commons or photo sharing sites. We do reserve the right to choose which images we use for the final publication.

Share Your Article

Once you have been accepted and published, to help us get your fabulous work out there, you agree to share the link on your social media channels or in your newsletter.

Include a Brief Bio

Our readers want to know a bit about you, please include a brief (4-5 sentences max) 3rd person bio. Include your first and last name.


Since we don’t provide monetary compensation you can link to your own site or social media channels in your bio. Please note that we are not interested in links to companies or products which are unrelated to health and wellness and do not align with our values.

How to Submit Content

To submit content: email us at mediarelations@flowingfree.org

Please put “Content Submission” in the subject line and include the tile and full text in the body of the email. Attach your bio.

Note: Please mark your submission as “Timely” if it is a related to a trending issue, a season, or a holiday.

We really appreciate your contribution and while we do our best to respond to each writer, we are a small staff and at times may be unable to respond to every submission. If your post has been accepted you will see it live within 14 days. If you do not see it within this period, you can submit a new one.

By submitting to Flowing Free you accept our terms and consent to any editing that the Flowing Free considers to be necessary.