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Woman jumping after overcoming depression

Overcome Depression and Anxiety Naturally

Everyone has something in their life that causes them worry or brings on feelings of sadness or disappointment. It may be issues with loved...
Stormy Life

Try this Equanimity Practice to Find Stillness in the Storms of Life

What is Equanimity? Equanimity is a state of mind that allows us to find balance in our lives and to accept and appreciate things as...

How To Take Control Over Your Emotions

Our emotions have a deep impact on who we are and what we experience in our lives. We all experience a range of emotions...
calming yoga

Controlling Emotions With Yoga

The science of anatomy states that emotions are a production of our brain and our mind. An emotion arises simply for the sake of...

Cutting Ties: A Simple Technique For Getting Rid Of Emotional Baggage

Life consists of so much more than the physical world; even though we can't see it, we are connected to one another on an...