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Detox juice

7 Ways to Detox Your Body

Cleansing or detoxifying our bodies is not a new way to diet or lose weight. The purpose of detoxification lies in the name, you...
Tongue sticking out

6 Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Scraping your tongue every day is an essential oral hygiene practice, it is just as important as brushing your teeth. It’s a very simple...
castor oil pack

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack

A castor oil pack is a safe and efficient way to get the healing benefits of castor oil. Castor oil packs are an important...

Dangerous Enema Solutions

While enemas, in general, have health benefits, there are some dangerous enema solutions that you should avoid. Here are four types of enemas that...
skin complexion

Discover What Skin Brushing Can Do For Your Health And Complexion

Dry skin brushing, otherwise known as dry body brushing, is a very simple technique where you use a stiff bristled brush on the skin,...