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Girl with anxiety

12 Strategies to Cope With Anxiety

So many of us suffer from anxiety, be it social anxiety, occasional anxiety, or clinical anxiety. When anxiety is not dealt with properly, it...
Hands holding 2 maple leaves

Meditating On Compassion With Tonglen

Tonglen is a powerful technique for developing compassion and going beyond ego. Tonglen is a well-known method originating from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The...
Woman doing a walking meditation

Can’t Sit Still? Try This Walking Meditation

Walking meditations can be a great alternative to sitting meditation and are commonly used in Zen, Taoist, and Buddhist traditions. This walking meditation is an...
Candles for Christmas meditation

Meditating On The Essence Of Christmas

Year after year I would dread the approach of the holiday season. The stress and chaos that accompanies this time of year always overwhelmed...