Man walking alone in forest

The Joy of Solitude

Solitude is taking time for oneself. We all need solitude whether we are single, in a relationship, or have a family. Solitude is essential for our personal well-being and the health of our interpersonal...
Alcohol addiction

5 Ways Meditation Helped Me Battle Drug and Alcohol Addiction

“Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.”                                              ...
Couple connecting deeply

Build Better Relationships With These Four Simple Concepts

This article explains four concepts that are useful in building better relationships and developing more self-awareness in interpersonal interactions.  While there are many more ways to build inter-personal skills these are the concepts that...

Dependant/Endearing and Self-Reliant/Independent Character Strategies

This article provides and understanding of the Dependant/Endearing and Self-Reliant/Independent Character Strategies of Body-Centered psychotherapy. Traditional Name: Oral Stage of Development: Oral (breastfeeding) stage (first 2 years of life). Function Truncated: Support and self-support. Trauma Through: unpredictable feeding schedule ...
couple winter running

Winter Running Tips

Just because the weather gets cold and it might even snow during winter, it doesn’t mean you should modify your training schedule. Indeed, winter running may prove to be a bit more difficult than...