charming manipulative

Tough/Generous and Charming/Manipulative Character Strategies

This article provides and understanding of the Tough/Generous and Charming/Manipulative Character Strategies of Body-Centered psychotherapy. Traditional Name: Psychopath/Sociopath Stage of Development: Phallic Stage (3.5 years to 6 years) Function Truncated: Autonomy Trauma Through: overpowering caregiver caregiver putting the child...
sensitive withdrawn

Sensitive/Withdrawn Character Strategy

This article provides and understanding of the Sensitive/Withdrawn Character Strategy of Body-Centered psychotherapy. Traditional Name: Schizoid Stage of Development: Tactile (sensory) stage (in the womb and the first few months of life). Function Truncated: Belonging and fitting...

Character Strategies of Body-Centered Psychotherapy

“The entire world of past experience (is) embodied in the present in the form of character attitudes. A person's character is the fractional sum total of all past experiences.” ~Wilhelm Reich Character Strategies form in the...
Couple connecting deeply

Build Better Relationships With These Four Simple Concepts

This article explains four concepts that are useful in building better relationships and developing more self-awareness in interpersonal interactions.  While there are many more ways to build inter-personal skills these are the concepts that...