Try a Herbal Enema for a Happy and Healthy Colon

Herbal enemas are for more than just cleansing the colon. A herbal enema is a very efficient way to achieve healing effects; the active substances in the herbs get absorbed by the intestinal walls and go directly into the blood stream. When herbs are taken orally some of the active substances are altered, weakened, or destroyed by the gastric juices before they are absorbed into the system.

Once administered, hold the herbal enema for 15-45 minutes. The longer you can hold it the better; this will allow for more absorption of the active substances.

If you have not done a recent colon cleanse or enema, it is recommended to do a cleansing enema before administering a herbal enema to achieve better effects. In this way, you will first remove the majority of fecal matter before administering the herbal enema and more of the herbal solution will be absorbed. You can use plain water or salt water for your cleansing enema. To see more cleansing enema solutions, read the page  “7 Natural Enema Solutions You Can Use at Home”.

**Important** Before administering any enema, please read about the proper procedure for administering an enema and the contraindications for receiving an enema. “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Giving Yourself an Enema and Were Afraid to Ask” talks about this in detail.

Also, please note that many of the herbal enemas listed below are recommended for mild and chronic inflammations of the intestinal tract, but avoid using enemas during acute flare-ups of inflammatory bowel conditions. Most herbs are contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are pregnant, consult a health-care practitioner before administering a herbal enema.

Remember to use only filtered, chlorine-free water in your solutions and heat the enema solution to a comfortable temperature (between 37-40˚C or 98-104˚ F).

Note that the herbal enema recipes below are in litres, if you measure by quarts then use 1 quart of water for each litre. A litre is 1000ml, and a quart is 946ml, the difference is negligible.

Herbal Enema Solutions:

1. Aloe Enema

Aloe Vera is a very soothing and healing plant with strong anti-inflammatory properties. An aloe vera enema is good for those suffering from hemorrhoids, as it will help to stop any bleeding associated with the hemorrhoids and aid in healing. An aloe vera enema will also promote healing of the intestinal tract and will be beneficial for those with irritable bowel or diverticulitis.

Aloe Vera Enema Recipe:

Combine the aloe vera juice and the water, mix well. Check that the temperature is comfortable and administer. Retain for 15- 45 minutes.

2. Burdock Enema

Burdock root is one of the best herbs for purifying the blood and correcting skin problems. A burdock enema aids in the elimination of calcium deposits and is beneficial for improving the functions of the kidneys and bladder.

Burdock Enema Recipe:

Add the burdock to the water in a pot and bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool to an appropriate temperature. Strain the solution and administer. Retain the solution 15- 45 minutes.

3. Catnip Enema

Catnip tea is very calming when taken internally. Taken as an enema it soothes and relaxes the intestinal tract, making it useful for those with stomach and digestive disorders. Catnip enemas ease pain and cramping in the colon, reduce intestinal gas and help relieve constipation. Catnip enemas also help pull mucous from the colon.

Catnip enemas are good to take in times of cold or flu, they also reduce fever quickly and are safe for use in both adults and children.

Catnip Enema Recipe:

Bring the water to a boil, remove from heat, add the catnip leaves and let steep for 15 minutes. Filter the tea, make sure it is a comfortable temperature and administer. Retain for 15- 45 minutes.

4. Cat’s Claw Enema

Cat’s claw is known for its immune-boosting properties, and it’s efficiency in healing intestinal ailments. When taken as an enema cat’s claw will cleanse the colon and aid the healing of bowel disorders such as Chron’s, colitis, diverticulitis, leaky gut syndrome, and hemorrhoids.

Cat’s claw enemas can help in the reduction of intestinal parasites and, because of the immune boosting effects of the herb, they may also aid in restoring friendly bacteria in the colon.

Cat’s Claw Enema Recipe:

Bring the water to a boil, remove from heat, add the cat’s claw powder and let steep for 15 minutes. Filter the tea, make sure it is a comfortable temperature and administer. Retain for 15- 45 minutes.

5. Chamomile Enema

Chamomile is a calming herb which promotes relaxation in the body when taken as a tea. A chamomile enema will calm the body as well as the digestive system. Chamomile enemas soothe an irritated intestinal tract and can reduce abdominal cramps or spasms caused by gas or inflammation. Chamomile enemas may also help relieve hemorrhoids, nausea, and sleeplessness.

Chamomile Enema Recipe:

Bring the water to a boil, remove from heat and add the chamomile. Let steep for 15 minutes. Cool to an appropriate temperature, filter, and administer. Retain for 15-45 minutes.

Cautions and Considerations:

  • Those with an allergy to ragweed should avoid the use of chamomile.
  • Chamomile is a gentle sedative and may cause drowsiness.

6. Fenugreek Enema

Fenugreek seeds are used internally for inflammatory conditions throughout the body. Fenugreek seeds become mucilaginous when added to water; this mucilage helps to lubricate and protect the mucous membranes of the body. Because of their mucilaginous character, fenugreek seeds, when used in enemas are very soothing in cases of inflammations located in the digestive tract. They also protect against the formation of ulcers in the intestinal tract and relieve pain from existing ulcers.

Fenugreek Enema Recipe:

Soak the fenugreek seeds in the water overnight. In the morning, boil the water with the seeds for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool to a comfortable temperature. Strain, administer and retain for  15-45 minutes.

7. Garlic Enema

Garlic is a potent antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-parasitic herb. Garlic enemas have been used traditionally to eliminate intestinal worms and other parasites. They are also becoming well known for reducing candida levels in the colon. A garlic enema can rid the colon of harmful bacteria which causes diarrhea and other symptoms of irritated bowel, giving relief of symptoms in just a few hours.

Garlic enemas aid in the elimination of toxins and mucous from the colon, and are also known for their effectiveness in reducing fever.

Allicin is the substance which gives garlic it’s beneficial properties. Crushing the garlic is necessary to release the allicin in garlic. After crushing let the garlic sit for 15-90 minutes before using to increase the amount of allicin.

Taking garlic thorough enema is more efficient than eating garlic, as it delivers the allicin directly into the colon. When garlic goes through the digestive system in undergoes various chemical changes, and most of the allicin has been broken down into other components by the time it reaches the intestines.

Garlic Enema Recipe:

  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 2 litres filtered water

Crush the garlic cloves and let sit for 15 minutes. Add the garlic to the water and let the mixture sit for at least 2 hours or as long as overnight. This increases the amount of allicin in the solution. Strain the mixture and heat to an appropriate temperature. Administer and retain the enema for 15-45 minutes to achieve the most from its antibiotic effects.

It is also common to combine garlic with an Epsom salt enema or a catnip enema.

Cautions and Considerations:

  • If you have a high level of infection from candida or parasites, a garlic enema may provoke a strong die-off reaction. To lessen the severity of the die-off reaction start with one clove of garlic in your enema solution and gradually make the solution stronger by adding one clove per day. Do not use more than 4-5 cloves of garlic in a single solution.
  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic which may also kill some of the good bacteria in your colon if used in enemas regularly. To re-establish beneficial bacteria in your colon you can either alternate a garlic enema with an acidophilus enema, or supplement with oral probiotics and fermented foods.
  • When using raw garlic in an enema you may experience a warming sensation around the anus, this normal. Stronger solutions may give a slight burning sensation and irritate the soft tissues in the anal canal. If you have a known sensitivity, then start with a more diluted solution.

8. Neem Enema

Neem is an excellent antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic herb. The herb also detoxifies the blood and stimulates the immune system to fight off infections. Neem enemas can reduce candida, parasites and other infections of the colon. Neem enemas are also useful in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and skin conditions.

Neem Enema Recipe:

Boil the water, remove from heat and add the neem powder. Steep for 15 minutes. Filter and make sure the temperature is comfortable. Administer and retain for 15-45 minutes.

9. Pau d’Arco Enema

Also referred to as taheebo or lapacho, pau d’arco is a potent antifungal and anti-viral herb which is often used to treat various infections in the body. A pau d’arco enema can aid the treatment of internal yeast or fungal overgrowth (candida) in the colon and will also assist in the reduction of parasites.

Pau d’arco enhances the ability of the immune system to fight infection and is useful to those with a weakened immune system. It also purifies the blood, and can lessen the severity of conditions related with toxic blood, such as psoriasis and dermatitis. When taken as an enema, the active substances in pau d’arco reach the bloodstream faster than when taken orally.

Pau d’Arco Enema Recipe:

Place the water and the pau d’arco in a ceramic or glass pot. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Let the mixture cool to a comfortable temperature. Strain, administer and retains for 15-45 minutes.

Cautions and Considerations:

  • Due to its strong antifungal nature, the use of pau d’arco may cause some die-off reactions. If you have a serious infection of candida or parasites in the colon, start with a weaker concentration of pau d’arco tea in your enema and increase the strength gradually

10. Slippery Elm Enema

Slippery elm is one of the best herbs to take for any problem in the gastrointestinal tract. It aids in the correction of both constipation and diarrhea. It also helps to heal hemorrhoids and inflammatory conditions of the bowel such as Chron’s and ulcerative colitis.

Slippery elm is demulcent in nature, which means that it soothes and protects the mucous membranes of the body by forming a mucilaginous film or coating over the mucous membranes. This coating property of slippery elm heals the intestinal walls, relieves mild pain, irritation, and inflammation. Slippery elm protects the intestinal walls from excess acidity and the formation of ulcers. Using slippery elm in an enema is an excellent way to obtain its benefits.

Slippery elm, is not only good for healing and soothing, but it is also a very rich source of nutrients. It is very good to take as an enema when a person has trouble eating or keeping food down because the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in slippery elm will be absorbed through the bowel walls and help nourish the body.

Slippery Elm Enema Recipe:

Boil 2 cups of water, remove from heat, add slippery elm powder and let steep for 5 minutes. Blend the mixture and add it to the remaining 1.5 litres of water. Make sure the mixture is an appropriate temperature, administer and retain for 15-45 minutes.

Do not be tempted to use more of the slippery elm powder in your mixture, slippery elm absorbs a lot of water, and using too much will cause the enema solution to be too thick.

11. Yarrow Enema

Yarrow is a diaphoretic herb, administering it in an enema is good in times of colds, flu or fever.

Yarrow is very soothing and healing for the mucous membranes of the body; therefore, yarrow enemas will aid in the reduction of abdominal cramps and inflammation in the intestinal tract. Yarrow enemas are useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and intestinal gas. Yarrow also helps to loosen and flush excess mucous from the intestinal tract.

Yarrow Enema Recipe:

  • 2 Tbsp dried yarrow
  • 2 litres filtered water

Boil the water, remove from heat and add the yarrow. Let steep for 15 minutes, strain, cool to an appropriate temperature and administer. Retain for 15-45 minutes.

Cautions and Considerations:

Yarrow contains lactone and salicylic acid which, in some people, may cause allergic reactions such as nausea or headaches. If you have a known allergy to aspirin, which has a high concentration of salicylic acid, avoid the use of yarrow.

References and Resources:

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Michelle is passionate about holistic health and self-discovery. She received her training in Nutrition, Herbalism, and Bodywork from the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Ottawa, ON. She studied Ayurveda and Yoga in India and later continued her Yoga studies on Koh Phangan in Thailand. Michelle truly believes that good health involves body, mind, and spirit. She loves to spend her time in walking in nature, meditating, painting, writing, and learning more about health and wellness.


  1. Can You mix a couple ingredients together?

    • Hi Dana, I have already written in the article that one can combine a garlic enema with a catnip enema or Epsom salt enema – so the answer is yes, you can mix some things together. I wouldn’t mix more than two. If you are mixing two herbs, 1/2 the amount of each herb (to avoid a too strong solution) and choose ones that seem compatible based on the information provided. You can always alternate enema solutions, then you can feel the effects of each individually and get a better idea of what works best for your body.

  2. Thanks for the info on enema’s. I came across this looking for confirmation on Slippery elm enema.
    Thanks, Martin.

  3. How often can you do a herbal enema?

    • Hi Kim, it really depends on what you are trying to achieve by doing an enema, which herbs you use, and individual factors. There is no set prescription for anybody.

  4. Great info I have leaky gut and auto immune associated psoriasis. I take slippery elm, aloe, L- Glutamine and probiotics orally so makes sense to administer the other end!! Any other useful tips or reading matter you could advise? Also daily enemas, a good idea? Never done one as of yet. Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Victoria. I’m glad you find the information useful. I, unfortunately, cannot give individual advice on my website. Some more research and I am sure you will find your answers. Best of health! Michelle

    • Read “GAPS Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. BEST way to heal intestinal tract!

  5. Can i do an enema while breastfeeding? I have Candida and my 18 month has really bad eczema and i feel bad that the yeast is passing on to him. I was thinking to use the pau d’Arco tea in my enema. Any recommendations? Is it safe?

    • A saline solution enema would be safe while breast feeding, but I do not recommend an enema with pau d’arco, this herb is to be avoided while pregnant and breastfeeding. Although you would not be drinking the tea, the colon does absorb and there is no way to tell how much of the pau d’arco would be absorbed. To play it safe avoid taking strong herbs in any form.

  6. I have both Crohn’s & colitis and have been bound for over a week and nothing has helped thus far so I am about to try the Slippery Elm Enema…I pray it works <3

  7. hi, great web page. Lots of information.

    I got many enemas when younger. My mom was a believer in giving an enema for about anything LOL. When I left home I forgot about enemas as a remedy.

    Recently I have rediscovered enemas. They are the best natural home remedy!

    I have given many catnip tea enemas for fevers. They work! Brings fevers down.

    I did not know a catnip tea enema and a garlic enema can be combined.

    If want to alternate these two enemas, wait how long between enemas? like few hours or what?

    What would be the benefit of combining two enema solutions?

    I do coffee enemas at home to detox liver. OMG feel so good after getting a coffee enema.

    Possibly I missed the CE on your list??

    Megan A

  8. Mia bee, best to check with your provider/doctor first.

    I have always read not to do a detox, coffee enema, when nursing.

    I was given plain warm water enemas when nursing. But again check with your doctor if ok or not.

    Heather, did you do the slippery elm enema? Did it help?

    I see it is recommended to retain the enema for 15 to 45 minutes!

    Did you have any problems mixing it? It says the more powder you use the thicker the enema solution will be.

    I may do this enema as a small retention enema. Get it with the 8 ounce enema bulb syringe instead of using the enema bag. Since the solution may thicken up.

  9. A regular (once a week) weekly chamomile enema help me to reduce my asthma symptoms. I suffer from allergic asthma and every week, early in the morning, I take a usually 1 – 1,5 quarts enema with chamomile, and sometimes, when I’m fully relaxed, up to 2 – 2,5 quarts. I like to stay in Savasana yoga pose on a camping inflatable mat, more comfortable (soft) than a bed or a yoga mat. I don’t care about volume, I receive the fluid slowly stopping when my body ask to stop. This small volume is great for me, no pain, no cramps, a pleasant cleaning experience. if don’t feel clear with this one, I like to repeat the procedure in the evening (always I listen my body), with a similar volume. I have a successful enema if the experience is pleasant, joyful and even a little funny! I care every detail: I wake up eariy in the morning, take a shower, inflate the camping mat, test its softness,, made some yoga and stretching, prepare the chamomile, select a nice music (from Mozart to the joyful Abba), fill my 3 quarts bag with at least 2,5 quarts, relax, and take the fluid slowly with my eyes closed. I want to listen my body only, without seeing the bag..

    For me a positive, gentle and pleasant experience with only one quart is more successful that trying to introduce larger volumes when by body say: No.

    Four times a year I made a deeper cleansing, with a one day fasting with:

    a) 1,5 – 2 quarts chamomile enema early in the morning

    b) 2 – 3 quarts chamomile enema in the afternoon (I took about 2,5 quarts, sometime less, sometimes a little more, and sometimes I stopped before 2 quarts, as written before, I listen my body only. Some times, when I’m fully relaxed I took almost the whole 3 quarts bag always in a pleasant and comfortable detox experience, enjoying the healing power of the fluid entering in my colon). This must be a pure pleasant detox experience, I always avoid pain, cramps and any other type of discomfort. I love to listen nice music (Mozart, for example). Remember that cramps and pain are enemy of relax, so they are allied with stress and asthma! Sometimes, with my great surprise, I can took the whole bag in a very pleasant way, with a very gentle colon distension, especially if there is not air in my colon.

    c) Before bedding, I took a strong chamomile enema (one quart or slightly less) with 6-8 chamomile tea-bags! Great to relax, great for a nice sleep! I love this one so much that I use it every time I want a super relaxing night!

    I reduced 70% my medicines (aerosol) for my asthma!

    Please note that this is my personal experience only. Before starting with enemas, I consulted a doctor in medicine. Always consult a physician before taking an enema or before others cleansing methods!

    I’m sharing here my experience because I’m searching other similar experiences to care asthma symptoms.

    I found a series of home made enemas more gentle that a colonic, especially because I can better fully relax my body at home before starting the procedure. I want to made my colon cleanse in the most comfortable place: my room.

  10. Debby, amazing that the enemas have helped you!
    Very informative.
    I also have asthma. Does the chamomile enema help you?

    I looked up the Savasana– yoga pose. Isn’t that hard to lay there and get an enema in that pose? From what I read, the Savasana– pose is hard to do?
    I am amazed you reduced 70% of your medicines (aerosol) for your asthma!

    I agree a home made enema is more gentle, and pleasant, than getting a colonic. And a lot cheaper too.

    I have given my three children enemas when needed. I have gotten plain water enemas, a warm soapy enema made with goat’s milk soap bar — mild soapy water — and a few coffee enemas. For my enemas I use a two quart red rubber enema bag.
    Where did you get your 3 quart enema bag from?

    I agree with you, a successful enema is best taken, and given, if pleasant, joyful and funny some.

    • To Carol Ann

      Hello, my 3 litres (quarts) enema was bought on (Klistierbeutel 3 Liter, Darmrohr mit Metallösen zum Aufhängen).

      Chamomile is for me easy to retain, easy to receive. I found it more pleasant than plain water, or saline solution. Chamomile is pleasant, relaxing, delicate and smell good. Maybe it has also antihistamine effect (I’m sure of its antihistamine effect when you drink it, but I’m not sure to obtain this effect in an enema.)

      Of course, remember: consulting a doctor in medicine before an enema procedure is very very important.

      • Chamomile contains a very powerful anti inflammatory ingredient name azulene
        As asthma is a combination of inflammation causing respiratory contraction, and excess mucous production. thereby making breathing vey difficult.
        Chamomile tea is a good choice. However, make sure to use only Distilled Water. There will be a 30% increase in therapeutic benefit. 1tspn of herb to a cup. Or 1oz to 1pint
        You might consider reading “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” by Dr Bernard Jensen. The program contained within is a result of 60years of clinical practice, extensive study and international travel. All in the pursuit of understand how to achieve and maintain a healthy body. I have used this program myself, and have had many patients complete it also also. In all cases there are remarkable improvements in even the most severe of health problems. I highly recommend

  11. Very good page. Saved these types of enemas. Good to know and share with other moms! May sound dumb but good to discuss and share the types of enemas listed with other moms.

    Debby, thanks for sharing your routine and what to use for enemas.

    I will do more research about enemas for asthma symptoms. Glad you mentioned that.

    One of my three kids has asthma symptoms off and on. After getting ok from doctor, I may start giving him enemas to help. But first will ask pedi/doctor if ok or not.

    When one of mine comes down with a cold or the flu a catnip tea enema is always given to him.
    All three of mine got catnip tea enemas when they stayed at home in bed with a cold or the flu. Or when constipated — very seldom have that problem.– thank goodness!
    Recently one of mine was at home with a bad cold. I got out the enema bulb syringe and gave him a catnip tea enema.
    The catnip tea enema helped him get well faster. And relieved constipation as well. Cleanses good. I gave the catnip tea enema on the bed to the one who was sick in bed. Removed bed linen and put towel on the bed. Sometimes put a plastic sheet on the bed and then towel on top of the plastic sheet.
    Since one comes down with a cold or the flu in my house it normally goes to the other two. So sometimes as a preventive measure all three of them are given a catnip tea enema.

    I am glad neem enema was listed for parasites. I will also ask the pedi/doctor if this enema can be given for parasites. Hate them! Seems my three kids have had them a few times! Next time I will give neem enemas. If ok’d by the doctor.

    The last time parasites were present, I gave a nightly garlic enema for parasites. The enemas did help.

    I did learn that to rid parasites (worms) the entire house hold has to be cleaned and treated. Cannot treat one and not the others. So, in addition to cleaning the house, bed linen and more, when I gave the nightly garlic enemas for parasite cleansing, all three of mine and myself (divorced mom here — and my ex would not have done an enema anyway) got a nightly garlic enema. Each one had their own enema device. Bulb syringe or bag.
    The procedure recommended to me was to have the bed room (including linen, pillow, etc) cleaned. Have the garlic enema solution made. I gave the enema on a table on a towel so it could be wiped down after the enema was given. Then gave a bath. Then taken to the clean bed. The towels were changed for each patient. Yes, lengthy procedure. But was worth it. Not only did all of us feel better after the enema, the parasites were gone. Enemas were given 5 nights in a row. Do not miss one night!
    If you have more than one child like I do, then it can take some time to give each one of them a nightly enema. But is worth it.
    Again, not giving advice. Just what I did. Check with your pedi/doctor/nurse before giving any home remedy or enema.

  12. Michelle, Debby mentions a chamomile enema for helping with symptoms of asthma.

    Do know of other herbs for this? Will a chamomile enema help my 5 yr old?
    He has same asthma symptoms. I want to treat him naturally. Since a enema will help him in other ways….two birds with one stone then.

    Best to give him the enema with a bag or bulb syringe? I haven’t purchased a enema yet. Know of a good source? Or just go to local pharmacy and get one?

    • I don’t know of any other herbs for asthma that would be good in an enema. For a 5 year old, I would use a small enema, the bulb syringe would be just fine.
      You would be able to find a bulb syringe at your local pharmacy. Amazon is also a good place to get inexpensive enema equipment. I have links to suggested enema equipment in Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Giving Yourself an Enema

    • Beth, an enema may help him in other ways. Agree, “two birds with one stone.”

      I got this 4oz enema bulb syringe for my 5 yo.

      On the page it says “The Infant Enema Syringe was made to relieve constipation in infants. This small bulb syringe holds 4 ounces of water. Capacity: 4 ounces.”

      But works well for toddlers and older ones. If you need to give more solution for the enema you can refill the enema bulb.

      A friend of mine has this enema bulb and she told me about it. She gives enemas to her 3 and 6 yo with it. She told me it worked fine for enemas. I ordered it and was glad I did.

      Check with your provider before giving an enema. Not giving medical advice.

    • Beth, don’t know how long ago you posted your question. I do see Michelle suggested to give him the enema with the enema bulb syringe. Agree with Michelle.

      I give my 5 and 7 yr olds enemas with an 8-ounce enema bulb syringe. It works very well! Easy to give the enema. Clean the bulb is easy. and can be reused many times.

      A local source would be your local drug store. The enema bulbs are sold either in the feminine hygiene section or in the Childs/toddler section.

      Just so you know and learn…it seems sometimes looking for an enema bulb can be hard.
      I had to ask a woman (older mom) working in the store where the enema bulb was at. I had both of mine in the store with me. While walking to that section, she asked me if the enema was for one of them. I told her “both.” She told me she has given many home enemas with the bulb to her children and grandchildren. She showed me the 8 oz enema bulb and the enema bag one. She recommended I give them enemas with the enema bulb syringe and not the enema bag.

      She told me she gave enemas across her lap way. She told me she put a towel on her lap and the one getting the enema was face down on her lap for the enema. But I could also give an enema on a table or bed.

      After more reading and talking with a naturopathic doctor, I gave both of them the bulb enema.
      It was easy to administer. I prefer natural home remedies instead of giving OTC stuff. Chemicals and laxatives.

      Just make sure you have time set aside for giving an enema. Don’t rush it. Take your time.
      I found it makes the enema easier to give and relaxing for the one getting the enema…. to sit down and talk to him beforehand. Telling him the enema will help make him feel better. Offer privacy. Make sure the room you are giving the enema is warm. I find playing soft music or having a show on that he likes to watch during his enema helps.

      I also don’t know of any specific herbs for asthma. I have read much that enemas do help with asthma symptoms.

      I read what Debby wrote. She says a weekly chamomile tea enema helps with her asthma. Interesting to learn that.

      Enemas are a very good natural home remedy. Every mom should have an enema bulb or an enema bag in the home.

      Again, always check with your doctor before giving an enema.

      • Forgot to tell other way of buying the bag or bulb….There are many places on line to buy the bulb or bag one.
        One of the best, but not cheap, is

        Very professional and helpful there.

        I called there and spoke with Dee Dee. She is very helpful. She told me she gives hers enemas with the bulb syringe. and recommended it.

        If buying one on line go to good safe source. and buy quality.
        The cheap stuff will fall apart, leak and not good.

  13. This website is very helpful I suffer from constipation bloated stomach and inflammation of the intestines and reading this information was very helpful for me

  14. What herbal enemas are good for pain relief and detoxing and are found in the kitchen. I am looking for herbs that are pretty cheap and you can buy in quantity and you can easily get them in your grocery store. I have been doing coffee enemas for over 20 years due to a car accident.

    • Hi Tom, did you see the catnip enema solution on this page? It’s very easy to find catnip and it’s inexpensive too!

      • I am a nurse and was in a car accident in high school. I suffer from sciatica and bone ossification from the rod that was in my femur for one year. I detox for the pain relievers and the food we eat that causes more inflammation and pain. Will catnip enemas do that. It seems to me it may not. I am a strong believer of coffee enemas and high volume enemas. I even find that just doing a high enema of 3 to 4 quarts retain for at least 15 minutes (I add 1 teaspoon sea salt to 1 quart of water) helps more than the coffee enema (I use 2 to 4 tablespoons organic black roast coffee to 32 ounces of water and retain it for 30 minutes) I was also looking into tea enemas green or black. Please let me know if I can do any thing else using an enema (goes into blood stream fast and avoids stomach acid breakdown). Please let me know A.S.A.P. on any information you can give.

        Thank You

        • Hi Tom,
          You can try the catnip enemas. I don’t have experience using enemas for the kind of pain you describe, so I can’t give any guarantee that they will help. But, if you have found relief using other enemas, then it is worth a shot!

        • Add a cup of lobelia Inflata tea to an enema will relieve pain and improve immunity. You could add a cup of comfrey root tea together with the lobelia)
          This will assist with health bone function and form (Only distilled water) Clear the bowel with a few bags with distilled water with the juice of an organic lemon first…alternating warm then cool will help the bowel to throw off waste.
          Take a lobelia enema cool (not cold, room temp) Retain…then expel
          Rub lobelia (a tincture made on AC vinegar is best for this purpose). Massage plenty into the lower spine by leaning forwards & holding a sink or table top ( Where the sciatic nerves arise.)And down the sciatic pathway. In a few mins when it dries apply White Tiger balm into the same area.Massage well. Take Dr Christophers Bone & Tissue caps 3x 3 times daily before meals. Just prior to bed is best. Am & pm is ideal. Do this 6 days (incl all supplements and herbs). Rest one day. Repeat

      • Hi Michelle,
        It’s me again. What do you think of coconut oil suppositories and or 15 ml enema and retain it overnight. Coconut oil is good for your health.
        My other herbal enemas are garlic, oregano, basil and parsley.
        I feel if you can use all these remedies for you illnesses and diseases you will be better off with them. Medicines will make you sick and even sicker. Every home should have organic coffee for enemas, and an enema spice rack. An all natural pharmacy.

        • Hi Tom,
          I see no problem with coconut oil suppositories or a very small oil enema overnight. It’s such a small amount that it should not leak out – but I’d be aware that risk is there – see the tips in my oil enema article about preventing any mess that may occur with using oil for this purpose.

        • Tom, excellent idea. You are in good company with your ideas about home health care. Dr Samuel Thomson was Americas first and most influential herbalist. He patented his ‘herbal home care system’ back in the 1700’s . It taught people how to keep a few herbal products in the home. By having these on hand, and his information on how to create a steam bath, a wet sheet treatment, and a few other simple ideas, people were able o keep themselves and their entire family healthy. Over 40% of Americas population at the time followed Thompsons system. And as a result doctors and hospitals were not popular for the next 100 years. I wondered if you mention your ‘natural health’ ideas to any of the patients in the hospital where you work?

      • Hi Michelle,
        I tried the catnip enema. It made me too relaxed. I need something that is potent enough but not too relaxing. Chamomile enemas really did not do anything for me. I wonder if all of the coffee enemas I have been doing had anything to do with the chamomile enemas. I know the coffee enemas are very potent and very hard to beat its potent properties. If you can think of any herbal tea enemas please let me know. I will keep on doing my research.
        Thank You

        • Hi Tom, Yes, I will let you know if I come across anything that sounds like it would be suitable for your concerns. Thanks for posting your feedback, I’m sure it will be useful to others as well.

  15. Hi Michelle,

    What herbal enema is good for nerve pain like a herniated disc or sciatica. I am looking for herbs that are cheap economical and very safe to use long term and can be found in the kitchen. I have been using coffee enemas for the pain up to 4 tablespoons of coffee 5 times a day. I am trying to stay away from it for long term use. I do not want to deplete nutrients and iron.
    I am also looking for herbs that are cheap economical and very save to use for food/environmental detoxing. I am using psyllium husk (metemucil) three times a day for detoxing.

    Please let me know what herbal enemas you come up with A.S.A.P..

    Thank You

    • Hi Tom,
      I just answered your other inquiries, but I’ll respond to this specific message too. As far as enemas for nerve pain, like I mentioned, I don’t have experience with that. You can try catnip and see how it goes.
      Inexpensive herbs for detoxing – psyllium is great, you can keep that up. I also like triphala – it is a blend of three Ayurvedic herbs that help tonify the digestive tract. Also, marshmallow root and slippery elm have great detoxing and healing effects for the intestines. Activated charcoal is also inexpensive and a great detoxer – you can mix it is with your psyllium husk – it’s not a herb, but binds very well too toxins. Buying in bulk online is a great way to get the herbs for a good price.
      If you are taking supplements or medications take them 2 hours away from these herbs because they can cleanse out the good things if taken at the same time.

      • Hi Michelle,

        Sorry for the same multiple replies. I thought you did not get my reply so I sent another one. I guess I did not keep track of the texts.

        I tried the catnip enema and it made me a little too relaxed even after adjusting the dose. I think it is good for bedtime but not for during the day. I need herbal enemas good for day and night. Chamomile enemas did nothing at low doses and I do not want to over do it. I also tried peppermint and garlic enemas for the pain but needed to do them more frequently. I am at wits end. And trying very hard to stay away o.t.c. NSAIDS. I dont want to ove r do the coffee enemas too.

  16. Thank you So Much!!! I suffer from heavy metal toxicity and multiple viruses including Shingles and there are so many of these that I know will help!! Especially the garlic one.
    I have been doing Spirulina enemas for the heavy metal detoxing and I wondered if u had ever thought of that and what u think?

    Thank u!!

    • Hi Kate, no I have not thought of using spirulina in an enema. I think spirulina is a great natural supplement, but I’d prefer to take it internally. It has a lot of good nutrients that would get absorbed through digestion so it seems wasteful to me to use it only in an enema. Also, if a person has compromised intestinal mucosa the bacteria in the algae could cause problems. After I went through a stem cell transplant my intestinal mucosa was damaged and I had to avoid taking all algae for a few months because they are at risk for contamination. My favorite enema for detoxing is the coffee enema.

  17. I am so happy that I found this page. I do suffer from mild constipation and gas. I really enjoy doing enemas for general health just like brushing your teeth. I try to do maintenance enemas at least once a week, sometimes twice a week depending on how I feel and what I’ve eaten at the time. On my enema days I usually wake up first thing in the morning and have a bowel movement. After that, out comes my equipment which is a 3 quart silicone fountain bag.

    For my first enema sometimes I use Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap, other times I use plain water. The castile soap is great if you have constipation as it will help get a better release. I do warn you that the soap can be irritating to the colon so be careful and don’t add too much.

    After my first cleansing enema I usually do a fill with plain water to get deeper into my colon. I usually get the most waste out of my body after the first two enemas. I always keep water bottles beside me when doing enemas so if my bag runs out of water I simply add more until I reach my limit.

    For my third enema I use some herbs that I read about on this page. I love doing catnip tea enemas because I read that they reduce gas. It does work for me since I noticed that I fart less often after doing catnip tea enemas.

    I will note that I have tried green tea, chamomile tea, and aloe vera juice at one point.

    I do have a question though Michelle. I wanted to know if wheatgrass gives a good clean out because I want to try something other than Castile soap that will get me better releases.

    I also want to know if you can suggest any other additives that can help me fart less often. As I said I use catnip tea for gas but I also heard that activated charcoal or certain probiotics can help with flatulence as well. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Sal,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m not sure if wheatgrass will give a better clean out in terms of volume, but the wheatgrass will give additional detoxing effects.
      Activated charcoal works very well at reducing flatulence when taken orally, so I imagine it will also have some effect if used in an enema.
      Probiotics also help when taken orally and in an enema. You can find the instructions for making a solution with probiotics written in the article Natural Enema Solutions.
      I have an entire article about treating flatulence that you may also want to read called How to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating.

  18. Hi….im so happy to see this article. I have two questions. First. Can Pau d’arco kill beneficial bacteria? 2nd… How often can this be done in a week. I have chronic inflammation in my bowels and would like to heal.

    • Hi Ana,
      I don’t know off the top of my head if pau d’arco affects the good bacteria, but I think you would have done your research by now (sorry for the delay). You’ll have to listen to your own body on how frequently you can do the enema’s.


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