7 Ways to Detox Your Body

Detox juice
detox vegetable juice

Cleansing or detoxifying our bodies is not a new way to diet or lose weight. The purpose of detoxification lies in the name, you are basically removing toxins and waste products that have accumulated in your body over the years.

There isn’t just one single way to detox your body, there are many different methods that you can make use of, but here I am going to list my personal favorite methods:

Feast on Raw Fruits and Veggies

The very first detox method on my list is a raw fruit and vegetable diet. You basically swear off all complex and cooked foods in this diet and stick to fresh fruits and vegetables only.

There is actually a very simple principle behind this diet. If you notice, you will find that the food we eat every day has many ingredients and the more ingredients our food has, the harder it is for our body to process the food. More ingredients also mean that there will be more waste products produced by your digestive system.

When we eat a regular diet, toxins are removed gradually by your normal excretory processes. But since the process of removal is slow, you always end up accumulating more waste before the previous waste has been eliminated.

Here is where the raw fruit and vegetable diet steps in to rescue you. When you skip all the extra ingredients and eat raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, your body finds it much easier to digest the simple food. Not only are you using less energy for digestion, there is less waste in your body to get rid of as well.

By the end of your fruit and vegetable detox, which should last at least a week or two, you will notice feeling much more healthy and active than you previously thought possible!

Cut Out Sugar

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of our body. Excess consumption of sugar leads to so many different health problems, the king of which is diabetes!

And it’s not just refined sugar that has this effect on our bodies, many natural fruits are also full of sugar. This includes all fruits and especially tropical fruits, which are the highest in sugar of all fruits. Some people choose to eat a small amount of berries or the occasional granny smith apple, as these fruits are the lowest in sugar. The natural sugar in fruit, called fructose is much healthier than refined sugars, but it is helpful to avoid sugars from fruits for a period of time.

It takes some time for your body to adjust to not having excess sugar, you may have withdrawal symptoms for the first little while, but once that phase passes, you will feel healthier than ever.

Choose a time frame that you wish to cut out sugar and then avoid all the foods with a high sugar content. This means absolutely no cookies, sodas, sugary desserts, processed foods (which often have hidden sugar), and even fruits! Trust me, you will be doing your body quite the favor. After your sugar detox, you will find that your tolerance to sugar has been lowered, and you won’t want to return to eating high sugar foods, especially refined sweets which taste sickly sweet when reintroduced.

In the beginning, if you can’t get over the cravings for something sweet, you can try a natural sweetener called stevia. Stevia is an extract from a leaf and doesn’t have the negative health impacts of sugar or artificial sweeteners. The only downside to using stevia is that you won’t lose the taste for sweet things as quickly.

Take a Break From Meat and Dairy

There is nothing especially wrong with eating meat and dairy. Meat is a good source of protein and other nutrients. Dairy is known for its calcium content which keeps our bones, teeth, and even blood healthy.

But, you cannot disagree with the fact that these foods are very heavy and taxing for our digestive systems. It takes more time to digest meat than it does other foods, and most people in the world have some level of lactose intolerance which makes having dairy problematic.

So, for a while, cut out meat and dairy from your diet and give your digestive organs some time to recuperate – you will feel lighter and more energized. Note how you feel when you re-introduce meat and dairy into your diet and pay attention to see if your body agrees with them.

Stay Away From Processed Foods

Processed or packaged foods are an awful choice of food. We have taken up eating them without really knowing the repercussions they bring. If you would just look at the list of ingredients on the package of your favorite potato chips, cookies, or canned foods you would notice a list of unknown additives which you are putting in your body.

Sure, they are probably all FDA approved and will not kill you, but that does not mean that eating them in large quantities, like we tend to do, will have no effects on our body! Preservatives and other additives in packaged food are the biggest source of toxins for the average person.

So for a while, stop eating processed foods. This includes bottled sauces and frozen foods. If you can eat all organic – wonderful! Cutting out processed foods may be difficult at first but it’s totally worth it. You will probably end up eating less of these foods for good.

Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are another great way to stay fit and healthy. In a juice detox, you simply juice the fruits and vegetables that you want. The idea behind this is that liquids are much easier to process and digest than solid foods. When you juice,  you remove the fiber from the fruits and vegetables, so the juice is digested very quickly. Instead of our body using energy to digest, it puts the energy into detoxifying. Fruit and vegetable juices are also full of nutrients and many people feel very good and energized during a juice cleanse.

My favorite detox juice recipe is really simple: lemon, cucumber, and a bit of ginger. Beet juice is also great for detoxing because it supports the liver, a major organ of detoxification.

Sweat it out

Hit your local sauna for a good sweat session. Our skin is actually the biggest organ of detoxification. Sweating allows toxins from deep within your body to be released. 

A regular sauna will do the trick, but if you can find an infrared sauna it’s better. Infrared waves penetrate deeper into the tissues.

Just remember to not overdo it with saunas and drink lots of water during and after your sauna session.

Brush Away Toxins

Skin brushing, also known as dry body brushing is the easiest way to help your body eliminate more toxins. Not only will skin brushing give you more beautiful skin, it helps the body detoxify because it stimulates the lymphatic system, which is our bodies ‘garbage disposal’ system. It is a very simple practice that involves gently stroking your body with a stiff natural-fibre brush. For more details on how to skin brush and which brush may be most suitable for you, please see this detailed article on skin brushing.

I hope you try some of these simple detox methods. Do you have a favourite way to detox your body? Share in the comment section below.

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