8 Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil from Sativa plant

If you are wondering what CBD oil is and where it comes from, the answer is that it is nutritional oil that is extracted from the plant of Cannabis sativa. It is named after the cannabinoid compound that is found in the plant.

There is not just one type of CBD oil but a whole variety which is easily available in the market today. If the purpose of buying it is merely getting stoned, this one is not the best bet, as CBD only contains trace amounts of THC, the mind-altering compound found in cannabis. CBD is not a recreational substance; it is used for treating different health conditions and is very beneficial for the human body.

Most people are unaware of how versatile CBD is. Do you want to know the different benefits of CBD? Keep reading and thank me when you are done!  

CBD is the Ultimate Pain Reliever

We all know the famous medical marijuana and its common use as an alternative to medicines with unwanted side effects. The cannabinoids that are present in both Marijuana and CBD work wonders for reducing inflammation and soothing the pain.

As per a study that was published in 2017, CBD has the power to mitigate the emotional impact of pain. Also, thorough research has proven that CBD is beneficial for patients with chronic pain and chronic diseases like cancer. The results are slow, but significant in the long run. Therefore, if you are looking for instant pain-relief, CBD might not be of help.   

CBD as a Treatment for Anxiety

There isn’t just one type of anxiety; it can range from mild to severe and has different qualities. Any form of anxiety impacts human life and leads one to withdraw from society.

review that was carried out in 2015, showed that CBD has the incredible power to treat different kinds of anxiety such as social anxiety, OCD, and the like.  

Different studies have also shown that CBD is effective in reducing anxiety and calming the mind. Marijuana is very commonly used for this purpose as well because it contains the same cannabinoid that is in CBD, however, may don’t like the mind-altering effects in marijuana, and opt for CBD which gives you all the benefits without altering the mind.

Along with taking CBD, there are many other things you can do to Reduce Anxiety in your life.

Say Goodbye to Sleep Disorder

If you feel sleepy and lethargic all the time, taking CBD can help you feel awake and alert. It has been tested and shown by research that taking CBD increases the level of dopamine in the brain which promotes wakefulness. Therefore, it can be used by people who sleep excessively or have a disorder like narcolepsy. Overall, CBD improves the quality of sleep and helps you wake up with a more relaxed yet alert mind.

An alert, yet relaxed mind is ideal for daily life, and especially helpful for tasks like meditation. CBD may help prevent you from falling asleep during meditation.

A Cure for Cancer?

CBD may be helpful as an adjunct therapy for cancer and other chronic diseases. As per a recent study, cannabinoids that are found in CBD have the power to prevent the cancer-causing cells from spreading and also kills malignant cells that are already present in the body. There is no thorough research yet on how CBD can help cancer but the few proven points are quite convincing.

CBD Curbs Nausea

Nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy can be reduced by taking CBD. CBD activates the neurotransmitter that controls the sensation of nausea. THC is also often used for this purpose, however, different studies and research, show that CBD is more effective in reducing the feeling of nausea than THC. Most of the research is on CBD and nausea from chemotherapy, but it may also be helpful for controlling nausea from other reasons.

Mood Stabilizer for Bipolar Disorder

You will not find much research on the benefits of CBD for bipolar disorder. However, a few pieces of research have indicated that it has the ability to stabilize mood. CNBD also helps in reducing anxiety as discussed above and therefore, it surely helps the patients suffering from bipolar disorder as well.

In bipolar disorder, there are two phases called the manic phase and the depressive phase. CBD may be helpful in the latter but it does not prove to be very useful in the manic stage. A study in 2010 in which two patients were given CBD in the manic phase observed that there was little or no improvement in the episodes. However, it was also shown that CBD does prevent the damage that the manic stage causes to the brain. There needs to be more research in this area, as it is very thin at this point.

CBD Reduces Nicotine Addiction

Different studies have also found that CBD has the power to reduce and eventually treat the addiction of nicotine.

study was carried out in 2013 in which around 25 smokers were given CBD or placebo inhalers for about a week. They were required to take the inhaler whenever the felt the need for smoking. On the completion of the week, it was found that the smokers with placebo inhalers did not stop smoking cigarettes while those with CBD inhalers decreased their nicotine intake by about 50%.

CBD could be a great help along with other Natural Methods to Quit Smoking.

A Treat for Aging Skin

CBD oil is rich in antioxidants that are great for nourishing dull and ageing skin. It has the power to rejuvenate the skin cells and even treat skin problems like acne and psoriasis. The regular use of the oil can help make the skin smoother and the tone more even.

CBD is also great for those who have extremely dry and scaly skin. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe the skin and reduce any redness or swelling that may be present in the skin.

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  1. I didn’t realize that CBD has so many different health benefits until I read this article! It makes a lot of sense that it will help you in stressful situations because it will help you stay calm. This could help me to ease anxiety at work and at home so that I can navigate daily stress more easily.


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