Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil – Household Products Destined to be Your Next Beauty Essentials (Part 1)

I recently saw a meme that said: “I’ve got 99 Problems and Coconut Oil solved 98 of them.” Perhaps this delicious oil can’t fix all of our woes, but it is definitely multi-purpose and...
Toxic Beauty Regime

Why You Need to Assess Your Beauty Regime ASAP

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar a year empire that is growing steadily with no sign of cessation. Since ancient times, humans have practiced various techniques and practices that would enhance whatever trend...
Man shaving

Surviving the Daily Shave – Tips on Shaving Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you likely dread having to shave. You know the result - your skin becomes highly irritated and you’re stuck dealing with the unpleasant experience for the rest of your...
Aloe vera for Shingles

How to Treat Shingles Quickly and Naturally

There are many natural ways to get relief from the pain of shingles and to prevent the spread of the infection. This article covers simple and effective remedies that you can use to quickly...
skin complexion

Discover What Skin Brushing Can Do For Your Health And Complexion

Dry skin brushing, otherwise known as dry body brushing, is a very simple technique where you use a stiff bristled brush on the skin, making strokes in the general direction of the heart. Dry...