7 Natural Enema Solutions You Can Use At Home

Coffee enema solutions

There are many enema solutions that you can use for colon cleansing and maintenance of colon health. Below are the seven most common and effective homemade enema solutions that you can safely use at home. For more enema solutions, see the page on herbal enemas.

** Important ** Before administering any type of enema be sure to read the necessary preparations and precautions mentioned in our article “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Giving Yourself an Enema and Were Afraid to Ask”. There you will find information about how to administer an enema safely and efficiently. This article provides only information on specific solutions and includes the recipe for each type of enema.

Remember to use only filtered, chlorine-free water in your enema solutions and heat the solution to a comfortable temperature (between 37-40˚ C or 98-104˚ F).

Note that the recipes below are in litres, if you measure by quarts then use 1 quart of water for each litre. A litre is 1000ml and a quart is 946ml, the difference is negligible.

Natural Enema Solutions:

1. Acidophilus Enema

This simple enema will give a gentle cleansing of the colon and also replenish beneficial bacteria. When the live culture is administered directly into the colon, there is a better chance for survival and propagation of the beneficial bacteria than when it is taken orally.

Yoghurt or acidophilus enema solutions are very helpful for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids or colon cancer.

Regular enema usage can deplete the population of beneficial bacteria in the colon; if you take regular enemas, it is a good idea to use an acidophilus enema from time to time. Either follow your regular enema with a small acidophilus enema or substitute your regular enema with an acidophilus enema once in a while.

Acidophilus Enema Recipe:

  •  4 Tbsp. probiotic yoghurt or 4-5 acidophilus capsules (open the capsules) or 1 tsp. Powdered acidophilus
  • 2 litres warm filtered water

Stir the yoghurt or acidophilus into the water. Administer and retain the enema for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow the beneficial bacteria to get deeper into the intestine.

2. Coffee Enema

While it might seem a little strange to inject your morning brew into your colon, the coffee enema is famed for its detoxification effects. The palmitates in coffee (kahweol and cafestol) enhance the action of glutathione S-transferase, a family of enzymes which play an important role in the bodies detoxification process.

Coffee administered via enema does not go through the digestive system, and will not affect the body the same way as drinking coffee does. When coffee is administered rectally, the hepatic portal veins carry the caffeine directly to the liver.

Coffee contains caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline, substances which cause a dilation of the blood vessels and encourage the flow of bile. Bile is the means by which the liver eliminates stored toxins. Usually, bile (including toxic bile) is reabsorbed 9-10 times by the intestinal walls before it is eliminated in the stool. By taking a coffee enema, which also flushes the contents of the colon, one can ensure the elimination of toxic bile from the system.

The coffee enema is one of the most famous types of enema solutions. It has become well known due to its promising effects in alternative cancer treatment. The coffee enema was used extensively in the 1940’s, by Dr Max Gerson, in the treatment plan of his cancer patients. There has been more recent research on the use of coffee enemas in cancer treatment through the work of Dr Nicolas Gonzalez. Some of the coffee enema’s fame can also be attributed to the 1930’s Actress Mae West, who attributed her healthy and youthful appearance to her enema regime. Nowadays coffee enemas have become popular by those wishing to maintain a good state of health by assisting the bodies detoxification process.

It is recommended to use S.A Wilsons Organic Coffee. This coffee is roasted specifically for coffee enemas, giving it a higher concentration of caffeine and palmitic acid than regular coffee.

Coffee Enema Recipe:

Add the coffee to the water and boil for 3 minutes, then reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Cool the mixture to the appropriate temperature, filter and administer. Retain the enema for 12-15 minutes.

Cautions and Considerations:

  • To ensure the most thorough cleansing, you may want to perform another enema 4-6 hours later. This will remove more of the bile that was released into the small intestine, as there may be some left over which was not eliminated in the first enema.
  • The coffee administered via enema goes directly to the liver and so do any chemicals that were used in the cultivation of that coffee. To lessen the toxic load, use only organically grown coffee in your enema.
  • Although the coffee administered via an enema is not absorbed in the same way as when you drink coffee, it is not advisable to administer a coffee enema in the evening, as some individuals can still experience side effects of caffeine. Those with a sensitivity to caffeine should not take a coffee enema.
  • Do not use coffee enemas for more than 4-6 weeks. Regular usage of coffee enemas can deplete the body’s stores of iron as well as other vitamins and minerals.

3. Epsom Salt Enema

Epsom salts are available in most pharmacies and can also be found under the name magnesium sulfate. Epsom salts are commonly used in baths for the relief of muscle aches and pains but are often taken internally for relief from constipation. The high concentration of magnesium in Epsom salts causes a relaxation of the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract and promotes elimination of the colon’s contents.

Using Epsom salts in enema solutions is a faster and safer way to achieve effects than when taking the salts orally. An Epsom salt solution will increase the amount of water in the intestine because it draws water into the colon. This results in a more thorough cleansing of the intestinal tract. An Epsom salt enema is good to use when suffering from stubborn constipation.

Epsom Salt Enema Recipe:

Add the Epsom salts to warm water and mix well until all salts are dissolved. Administer the solution and retain for a comfortable amount of time.

Cautions and Considerations:

  • Do not administer Epsom salt enema solutions if you have stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting.
  • One tablespoon of Epsom salts contains approximately 35grams of magnesium sulfate. This is a lot! The recommended daily allowance for magnesium is around 300-400 milligrams. Excessive or improper use of Epsom salts can result in hypermagnesemia, a condition which can lead to death. These cases are extremely rare and such dangers are usually related to the oral ingestion of Epsom salts. Still, the risk of toxicity must be noted as some absorption of magnesium sulfate can occur while retaining the salts in the colon.

4. Lemon Juice Enema

Lemon juice is a good cleansing enema which rids the colon of excess feces and helps to balance the pH levels in the colon. Relief from the discomfort and pain associated with colitis may be achieved by taking a lemon juice enema once per week.

When used on a weekly basis, a lemon juice enema can provide relief from chronic constipation. A lemon juice enema is more effective at cleansing the colon than a plain or salt water enema, but not as comfortable to hold due to the nature of the lemon juice.

Lemon Juice Enema Recipe:

  •  2/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (the juice of about 3 lemons)
  • 2 litres warm filtered water

Squeeze the juice from the lemons, filter and mix with 2 litres of warm water. Administer and retain for a comfortable length of time.


  • Lemon juice enema solutions are mildly irritating to the intestinal lining and may cause more cramping than other enema solutions. If you have a sensitive tract, you may want to use less lemon juice in your first enema to see how you react before using the full strength of this recipe.

5. Milk and Molasses Enema (M+M)

A milk and molasses enema is an efficient way of ridding the colon of excess fecal matter. This old school remedy was actually used in nursing until it was replaced by more convenient pre-made formulas.

A milk and molasses enema may produce “explosive” results, but this will vary from person to person depending on the concentration of bacteria in the colon. The high sugar content of this enema rapidly feeds the bacteria. The bacteria in the colon create gas as they metabolize the sugars present in the milk and molasses solution. This gas helps the enema to move further up the colon. Also, the high concentration of sugars in this solution creates and osmotic gradient which draws water into the colon, increasing its cleansing potential. The evacuation produced from a milk and molasses enema will generally be large and thorough, but this also depends on the amount of matter in the colon.

Milk and molasses enema solutions are very effective because the formulation stimulates peristalsis. For this reason, it may produce cramping. It is also quite difficult to retain for long periods of time because of the gas produced by the reaction happening between the milk, molasses, and the flora in the intestines.

Since this is a strong evacuative enema, you do not need much volume for it to be effective. You can use anywhere between 1 and 2 cups each of milk and molasses, but make sure that they are in equal proportion.

Milk and Molasses Enema Recipe:

Warm the milk in a saucepan and bring to a slight boil, do not overheat the milk because you do not want it to curdle. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the molasses until the milk and molasses are mixed thoroughly. Cool to the appropriate temperature and administer. Retain for as long as possible.


  • The M+M is one of the messier enema solutions out there. Use a disposable bag or an enema can with replaceable tubing, as it can be difficult to clean the bag after this enema. Also, make sure you have a thick towel below you to soak up any leaks or spills.
  • The consistency of a milk and molasses enema is much thicker than a water enema. For the solution to flow through the tube, you need to hang the enema bag much higher than you usually would for a water-based enema.
  • Administer this type of enema as fast as you can. Because this solution will cause cramping almost immediately, it will be difficult to hold your M+M enema for a long duration. Try at least to take in the entire amount of solution before you run to the toilet for an evacuation.

6. Salt and Soda Enema

Baking soda is a very alkaline substance, using it internally can help neutralize acids, and in an enema it will be beneficial for people with conditions involving excess acidity. This enema can also help restore the acid-alkaline balance in times of illness.

A salt and baking soda enema may be useful in people suffering from colitis as it helps to prevent and heal ulcers in the colon caused by excess acidity.

Salt and Soda Enema Recipe:

  • 2 tsp pure sea salt
  • 1 Tbsp baking soda
  • 2 litres warm filtered water

Mix well until the salt and soda are dissolved. Administer and retain the enema for at least 10 minutes.


  • Use salt and soda enemas in moderation; regular use of baking soda enemas may lead to excess alkalinity.

7. Salt Water Enema

A salt water enema is the most comfortable enema solutions one can use. If you are doing enema for the first time, the salt water enema is the best choice. Saline enema solutions have a neutral concentration gradient meaning that they won’t draw electrolytes from the body (which can happen with plain water enemas) and they don’t draw water into the colon. Because the salt reduces the amount of water absorbed into the bloodstream, you will also experience less need for urination while holding this enema.

A salt water enema does not draw water in or out of the colon, so it is also a good solution to use when a longer period of retention is desired. Since a salt water enema can be retained for longer periods it is also very useful for softening old fecal impaction.

Salt Water Enema Recipe:

Mix well until all salt is dissolved. Administer and retain for as long as possible, or up to 40 minutes.



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Photo: Tomasz Zajda

Michelle is passionate about holistic health and self-discovery. She received her training in Nutrition, Herbalism, and Bodywork from the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Ottawa, ON. She studied Ayurveda and Yoga in India and later continued her Yoga studies on Koh Phangan in Thailand. Michelle truly believes that good health involves body, mind, and spirit. She loves to spend her time in walking in nature, meditating, painting, writing, and learning more about health and wellness.


  1. Great post! Is it possible and safe to do a a Vitamin C enema? The purpose is for retaining/absorbing the vit c, not for having a bowel movement. If so, which form is recommended? I assume probably a buffered form?

    • Hi Nadira, I’m sorry but I am unfamiliar with Vitamin C enemas and thus cannot give advice or recommendations on this particular enema.

      • Nadira, I don’t suggest doing an enema with Vitamin C. The above ‘Lemon Juice Enema’ will work for this purpose. Lemon has a lot of natural Vitamin C.

        • I’m constipated since 10 days!and I want to use the Epsom salt but as u said that One tablespoon of epsom salts contains approximately 35grams of magnesium sulfate. This is a a lot! The recommended daily allowance for magnesium is around 300-400 milligrams so why did you suggested using 2 tablespoon instead of 1.I’m doing the Epsom salt for first time bcz I tried a bit epsom salt orally didn’t worked n also I tried the salt enema and lemon enema it worked okay but main hard stool is still stuck so how much should I use and also max to max I can hold only 500ml water . can’t hold 1 lit. Please reply 🙁 need help!

          • Hi Delecia, If you feel that using 2 Tbsps of Epsom salts may be too much, then just use 1 Tbsp. But don’t worry about how many grams of magnesium you are taking in the enema. The point is that epsom salts are an osmotic laxative (a substance that draws water into the colon) and since we want to stimulate the movement of the bowels with the enema, epsom salts are just helpful. Your body will absorb some magnesium, but it can only absorb so much at a time, there is no worry about getting too high in magnesium this way.

            Start with a low volume enema if you can’t hold the recommended amount. You will eventually be able to hold in more fluid. Since you have been constipated for multiple days, it will be difficult to hold fluid. I’m sure if you try an enema after your constipation has subsided you will notice you can hold more fluid.

            If you find enemas are not helping you with constipation, you may want to read the “Natural Cures for Constipation” article on this site.

          • faiza virani-fazal

            Hi! I have suffered from chronic constipation all my life , and the laxatives were working. However in the last year the problem has got really bad thru depression and PCOS. I
            My doctor keeps telling me that it is all in my head; but I know my body and when I am constipated I get headaches, low mood, no energy and recently painful trapped wind.
            I am hesitant to go back to the doctor, and fleet enemas don’t do anything.
            I am about to try the Epsom enema….actually had already started it and I think I have burnt my region as the water solution was too hot.
            Do you think I have damaged something and what enema do u recommend for such stubbornness?
            Even colonics don’t work on me.

          • I would suggest tonifying the digestive tract with slippery elm and marshmallow root. These are mucilaginous substances which help things “slide through” and also help to heal the intestinal lining. Get the powdered form of each herb and add a pinch of each to hot water and drink as a tea or in combination with another herbal tea. This small dose will help the digestive tract over the long run.
            For immediate relief of constipation try warm castor oil packs on the abdomen and abdominal massage in a clockwise direction.
            There are also more tips on how to relieve constipation in the “Natural Cures for Constipation” article.

            Be careful with the temperature of the enema solution! Maybe ease off the enemas if they are not producing results, they may be causing more stress on your system.

          • Try a half teaspoon Epsom salt enema,my mom was a nurse and gave them to me in my teens to help my severe constipation(5 to 7 days between BMs

    • good question! really, being the second best absorption route aside from intravenously. this is great I will research and even try it. I have malabsorption, so for me this route is best for absorbing nutrients and minerals, I take about 40 supplements a day to barely keep my levels up. if one can do acidophilus, why not ascorbic acid, other than if it is too acidic for colon tissue.

      • I personally would NEVER put unbuffered Ascorbic acid(vitamin C) in my colon. Buffered only, but I’m no expert… To buffer, add 1/2 tsp baking soda to 1 tsp ascorbic acid( it will fizz). This makes 5000 mgs. vitamin C. I like to use this method (add juice or other drink) when I want to make a higher dose of C.

  2. Bravo!! The best chelation and detox information I’ve found to date. Thank you so very much. I’m definitely going to try the organic coffee enema. A friend from Russia advised this years ago but I didn’t take it seriously. The connection to the secretion of bile is extremely important. I am convinced that I am not eliminating properly because of a problem with my liver and toxicity. Thanks again! -Mary

    • It was only $11 I just bought the book from Dr. Gerson. I started reading it and very interesting. He was into the coffee enema

  3. I appreciated these “recipes” and want to try them all. Was wondering if coffee brewed in a coffee pot would work. Also, what is your take on a wine enema? I have heard a lot of hype about them, but it did absolutely nothing to me when I tried them. One more question since you seem to be the guru, is it possible to get addicted to enemas? I have suffered my entire life (I’m 56) with constipation and in the last year since starting enemas have had the ONLY relief I’ve ever had. I’ve been told to be careful or I will become addicted to using enemas. Regardless, the sheer bliss of being un-constipated is worth the addiction, if there is such a thing. Thank you for a wonderful read and the amazing recipes.

    • Glad you are finding the recipes useful. No, drip coffee is not sufficient. The coffee should be brought to a boil and simmered for 15 minutes to bring out all the components. With regards to a wine enema, do not ever put any form of alcohol into your colon. This is a dangerous practice as the alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and not broken down by the liver.There have been a number of deaths reported from the insertion of alcohol into the colon. You can read more in the Dangerous Enema Solutions article. Whether the colon becomes addicted to enemas or not is debatable and I have never found a clear answer on that. Personally, I would not use enemas as the only method to relieve constipation. Enemas do flush out some of the friendly bacteria in the colon, if you are doing them daily as a means to just eliminate, then you are upsetting the balance of good bacteria in the colon. I do not know what you have tried in the past but a good quality probiotic is a must to restore colon health. Another thing I would recommend is an Ayurvedic herbal combination called triphala which regulates colon function.

    • You are magnesium deficient, get some magnesium glycinate before its too late and you are to my stage! This is what your body is telling you if you are constipated. There are lots of remedies out there, but they are all bandaids to getting enough magnesium.
      I took a non magnesium bowel eliminator for years, thinking my problems were solved, but my body is a wreck because I didn’t have magnesium.

  4. I have been taking coffee enemas for ten years and no negative side effects.
    I have been adding a little potassium but wonder if adding a small amount of magnesium sulfate would interfere with the benefits.
    The reason I do a coffee enema is because of bowel cancer surgery, leaving my bowel hyperactive.

  5. Do they sell small squeeze bottles to fill to make your own enema instead of all the long tubes and such?

    • Renee, didn’t see anyone answer your question.

      Yes you can buy a reusable rubber enema bulb syringe. They are not that expensive.

      Come in 2, 4, 6 and 8 oz size. Size would depend on who is getting an enema.
      The 4 oz is good for infants. the 6 and 8 oz is good for children. 8 oz is good for adults.

      You can find them in most pharmacies. or order on line.

      If you wanted to give more volume for the enema, you could buy the 2 quart red rubber enema bag. It works great.
      Some buy the stainless steel bucket set. Which are expensive.

      Always consult with your doctor, naturopath doctor, before giving or taking an enema.

    • Renee,
      This may be frowned upon but i cannot find enema bag/kits at any terrestrial retailer. Its frustrating. Walgreens CVS Rite Aid Target pharma.. Only carry fleet. So thats what i use. Even tho i dont use it, i pour out the pre filled saline solution and disinfect the fleet bottle, cap, disk insert, applicator & let it air dry. Then fill the applicator bottle with one i made. It works well for me. Not as much mixture as the bladder/tube but i release excellent results. Best…

  6. Thank you so much for this info. I did try collonic irrigation but it is so expensive and due to different ailments need regular clear outs. I can now safely carry out enemas at home using the correct product’s. 🙂

    • For correct products, you need 100% non toxic enema supplies. I suggest Purelife Enema Products as they are the only buckets made in the USA and under quality control.
      I’m in love with the glass enema bucket they have. And PureLife Enema Coffee is the best and used by doctors world-wide because of its purity and effectiveness.

    • You can do colonics at home. The initial investment is small. Clean up is simple and quick! Coloma Boards of California was my source for the board and tubing. I bought my board about 15 years ago and it’s still perfect.

  7. Dear, I have psoriasis for 20 years. Which recipe would you suggest for psoriasis?


    • I would suggest you try a coffee enema. Coffee enemas improve the function of the liver. When the liver is not functioning well, it cannot process all the toxins in the body, as a result, skin conditions such as psoriasis can develop.

      • Thank you. I also have S psoriatic arthritis connected to psoriasis. So thanks so much. But I would really like to rid my colon of colon plaque. As soon as I heard of it 4 days ago, I quickly bought an enema kit & performed my first enema last night. Although I didn’t hold it in for 15 mins like you suggested. Only because I hadn’t found you all. So please, how do I get rid of colon plaque? I can’t believe that stuff is in all of us & doctors don’t tell us to get rid of it or just send us for an enema. Coming from the uk, we have free health care. We should be told about this & given the opportunity to get rid of it in a hospital. Yet I’m having to find out by myself. Please help. F

        • Hi, For my psoriasis I went to Hawaii for heliotherapy. Saltwater and sun combination. My psoriasis disappeared forever after just 2 weeks!
          The nerves must be calm. For enemas I have a Purelife Glass Enema Bucket and use that for all types of enemas. Its the best on the market and 100% safe to use!!

    • Dead Sea Salt baths are recommended for psoriasis, in fact it says so right on my bag of salt! You can buy it in bulk on Amazon. Way cheaper than a trip to Hawaii!!

  8. I have wheat allergies that have gotten worse and worse over the years. I’ve decided to finally eliminate wheat and wheat based products from my diet and would like to do an enema that would help cleanse and heal my colon from the damage years of eating wheat have left behind. Which enema would you suggest is the better one for my situation?

  9. Coffee enemas might be helpful in cholesterol issues. If I am correct the body pulls cholesterol out of the bloodstream as part of the process to produce bile. If this is so would the coffee enema help reduce cholesterol?

  10. I would like to Pin the post on Pinterest and share it on Facebook, but I cant find the buttons on your page. Can u ad this facility?

    • There is a bar at the bottom of the article which has different buttons to click to share on various social media. It was down for a while but is updated and up and running again. Just click on the “Pin” button. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Is milk and molasses enema safe to clear out feeling of impacted fecal matter bloated stomach no pain just feel uncomfortable heaviness in my stomach need a quick thorough cleaning

  12. I do high volume enemas for ten years. They work the best with no constipation.

  13. Hi. May I ask if i could include glutathione in my enema? From capsules I will pour the contents in my coffee enema. Tnx

  14. I visit this post often and am very grateful for the information. The coffee and lemon juice enemas are incredibly effective in relieving my chronic constipation.

    Would it be effective to add Acidophilus to either of them? (In the interest of increasing beneficial flora and not having to do a separate enema a few hours later.)


    • Glad you are finding the information useful.
      I don’t think the acidophilus would survive in a lemon or coffee solution as they are very acidic. Best to do a separate enema, or just take a quality probiotic orally.

  15. Would you also advise using garlic enemas

  16. I wonder if i could combine salt and coffee in the enemas? Would salt destroy the benefit of coffee?

    • No, salt will not destroy the benefits of the coffee. I add salt sometimes as it prevents loss of electrolytes.

  17. Does a coffee enema make you feel the same way caffeinated coffee make you feel? Shaky and nervous?

    • Not in my experience. I do get jittery if I drink coffee, but not from the enemas.

  18. Thanks for the nice content. As big enema fan I can confirm all that is mentioned above. I don’t have experience with coffee enema (prefer coffee in traditional mode), but all the other types have had a really good influence on my body and health.

  19. I take enemas when needed but have a problem
    with keeping the enema tube inserted into my
    anus. It falls out and I loose most of the water.
    What do I need for chronic constipation in the way of the enema?

  20. I’ve been holding for almost an hour enema seasalt I used 4.5 fluid oz three times still holding with only small urge to go. I’ve been constipated for so long. Is this ok

  21. Thanks for all the excellent information. Your recipes have helped so much.

  22. Very good list of enema solutions that can be given at home.
    I saved it for future use and to give to other moms.

    I have done coffee and lemon juice enemas. They are wonderful.

    Years ago a soapsuds enema was given in many homes. Made with a bar of ivory. Now I think castile soap is used instead of ivory soap.

    OMG the M&M enema! It is a very effective enema. I have given and gotten a M&M enema. Give it fast! I works fast and causes cramping.

    As far as enema equipment, I have used a 2 quart red rubber bag for many years. I have had mine for years. The bulb syringe, 4, 6 or 8 oz size, is great for giving an enema to the kids. Always clean the bag or bulb after each use with warm soapy water. Rinse well. Air dry for a few days. Never store damp.

    The enema bucket is also good. I don’t have one. But want to get one. They cost much more than the 2 qt red rubber enema bag. But easier to clean.

    Always consult your doctor before giving or taking an enema.

    • Hi Megan A.,
      When I do a cleansing series of three enemas, I had been using mom’s old standby for the first enema – two quarts of hot and soapy water! the choice of soap was either Dr. Brommer’s “baby mild” liquid castile or a bar of white Ivory soaked in hot water for about 5 minutes. I loved the aroma of the Ivory because it reminded me of what would be coming! I did find this solution was mostly effective for prepping the for the 4 quart colon tube enema; however, I see Michelle suggests NOT using any soap whatsoever for any enema.
      Which leads me to my question: How uncomfortable is a milk & molasses enema? Looks like the recipe calls for equal amounts of milk and molasses, with total volume being 16 to 32 ounces. How large an enema would you recommend for an M&M virgin?
      Sounds like the result is explosive!

  23. Hello, I’m 56 and sending you mail from France, living on Paris suburbs.
    Since 2010 I’m on almost daily enema practise. I cannot afford flatulences, since I got Candida Infestation at 23 years old. Being a vegetarian using daily hard drugs during six months in 1984. Literally; I destroyed my intestinal flora.
    I live much better since a nurse advised me for enemas. But I insert directly at comfortable temperature water from the shower tap , not filtered and without any safety nor any equipment.
    Sometimes I worry if will be better to be more preventive. I should change my practice. thank you for all these informations given. I’m going to try coffee enema and others that you mentioned. I knew about since few years and I’m getting worried about risks I’m taking.
    Thank you to keep giving me inspiration te improve my enema routine.
    Hope you a fit health and best wishes to all of you. Friendly yours, Gaston

  24. This has been the most informative opposed to just another explanation on someone else’s bowel movements afterwards. Now I have learnt different kinds of enemas I can do. Although, which is the best for ridding myself of the dreaded colon plaque. That just needs to get out of me asao lol.

    • Hi, I am glad you are finding the information helpful. Unfortunately, I am no expert on how to get rid of colon plaque. Coffee enemas may help, but I do not know the “best” way. Sorry.

  25. Very good list of enema solutions with how to prepare the solution. Thanks!

    Grew up in the 50s. I don’t remember any of the solutions listed above except the M&M enema.

  26. Im told I need to cleanse my gall blader and liver. What do you recommend. I have diverticulosis and am concerned about distrupting it.

    Thank you

    • Hi Diane, it is not recommended to do enemas with diverticulosis. Juice cleansing, lemon water, eating bitter green vegetables and beets and taking herbs such as milk thistle or dandelion root and much safer and more gentle ways to cleanse your liver and gallbladder. Also, avoid eating overly fatty foods as they put stress on the gallbladder and liver.

  27. Great list of various enema solutions!

    I was given a few M&M enemas when younger. That was back in the 50s when enemas were given in most homes by moms. After getting the enema immediately taken to release it. Very effective and cleansing.

    It seems enemas are coming back now. I hear them discussed and asked about by many moms in the health food store.

    I don’t remember it causing pain but remember immediately having to go.

  28. Most of these recipes are for two liters. Do you use as much as your colon can hold, then repeat several hours later until the entire amount is used? –BB

    Bobby Basham
    Tucson, Arizona

    • 2L is the average amount that is comfortable for people to hold when first doing enemas, it may be too much for some, so you can prepare a smaller amount of the solution, or you can do as you suggested and use it in a few doses throughout the day.

      • Hi I love this site… 2L is a lot of liquid, if you’re backed up bad enough, will your gut be able to accept that much liquid in the beginning or very first couple enemas ever or is 2L for a seasoned person? I have a gluten sensitivity and it immediately backs me up if I eat any gluten and it takes a very long time to pass, I have to make sure I’m totally gluten free for up to 2 weeks usually to pass, it’s very painful in many ways…also I think I passed on the gluten issue to my 3 year old daughter because she becomes deathly constipated if she even smells gluten, poor girl, her screams melt me and mom’s hearts. We give her laxatives, plenty of yogurt and it still don’t help, we have to give her store bought enemas and sometimes that don’t work… I just got a bag kit for myself and I’m new to this but I heard it does wonders and is a good and healthy practice, especially after 30, just had my 48th on the 1st… I always work out 4 days a week and run 2 days a week and am in pretty good shape but the gluten thing came on all of a sudden and being Italian, this stinks, lol… Any and all help on my daughter would be great and myself as well, also what is a good oral total cleanser to work from top to bottom… Thank you for all your help.

        • Michelle Greene

          Hi Joey,
          Glad you find the site helpful! For those with regular bowel movements, even if they are new to enemas, it’s usually ok to use 2L of solution. But we are all different, so – Yes, 2L may be a lot to start off with for some people, for various reasons, but especially if they are backed up, as in your case. If 2L is too much, then I would usually recommend starting off with less solution and then gradually increase the amount of solution if you do the enemas regularly. You’d have to experiment with what amount works for your bowels at this time. It may be 1L, it may be as low as a 1/2 litre. I’ve had times when I was quite constipated, so I would do a small enema to stimulate the peristaltic movements, and then once the colon had emptied somewhat, I’d do a full 2L enema. It is much easier (and recommended) to do an enema after a bowel movement, so it’s good to do something to get the bowels moving a bit first.
          I’m sorry to hear about your daughter but glad to hear you both do what you can to try ease the discomfort for her. Have you seen my article on constipation? Here it is. . Some of the foods suggested in that article may help both you and her.
          For oral cleansing, I love oil pulling especially with a pinch of turmeric or essential oil – See this article for the details. And, then the usual – a good natural toothpaste and flossing, of course. Swishing with xylitol can help prevent decay. And tongue scraping is something, I personally can’t go without!

  29. I invite everyone to listen to Charlotte Gerson’s videos to learn more about doing enemas. While modern thinking is that ones like you’ve listed are good, this is strictly contraindicated as you will hear (she, and her Father before her, advises not to use epsom salts, sea salts, dairy products in any ways, including detox baths!) Here are two videos I have watched and found to be very helpful (keep in mind she is speaking about treatment for chronic or cancer diseases, although many follow her regime for lasting health and longevity)
    Blessings and Respect!

  30. Hi Michelle
    Thanks a lot for this. My question is, can I do 2 types of enema in a day? And which is best. I’m thinking acv and lemon done separately. Or can I mix them? I feel like I need an overhaul. Thanks for your response in advance.

    • Hi Sonia,

      You can do two types of enemas in one day. I’d suggest spreading them more throughout the day. One first thing in the morning, and another later in the day, if you can. But see how it goes, be gentle with your body, maybe one a day is enough for you. I’d suggest not doing both ACV and Lemon Juice, it may be too harsh on the lining of your colon. I’d choose either one of those, then follow up with an acidophilus enema later in the day, to replenish the flora of the intestine. You want to clean things out, but not strip away all the good bacteria.

  31. Hi I am a Kidney dialysis patient and can only drink 32oz of fluid a day. Because of the phosphorus binders and less water I get impacted frequently. I was just at the hospital emergency room a couple of days ago and the emergency room doctor advised me to use enemas. He mentioned one cup of warm water and one cup of molasses, Do you this one is good or is there a better one for me? How often can an enema be used safely?

    • Hi Letty, it is best to follow your doctor’s advice. I could not say what would be best for you, as I am not your doctor and do not know anything about your health history and current condition. The frequency of enema varies for individuals depending on their level of health. Ask your doctor, I would not want to advise you anything that may interfere with your dialysis.

  32. Hello! My name is Igor, I’m a student from Russia and I live with my grandfather in Tacoma, he asked me to find him a Enema kit that was not produced in China, and I started looking and found a desirable enema kit from our homeland of Russia. Can someone suggest another kit that is inexpensive and not made in China?

    • Hi Igor, We now sell enema kits on Flowingfree.org. Visit our shop – the products are high-quality USA made.

  33. Love this page!
    Good list of enema solutions and benefits of each.
    Soapsuds enemas are very good.

    Moms used to give a soapsuds enema for constipation or if they felt a cleansing needed to be given.

    Soap used was normally a bar of ivory. Now better to use bar of Goats Milk Soap. Natural.

    Soapy water can. be made by swishing a bar of the soap in a pan of warm water. Pour the solution into the enema bag. Or shave some of the bar, not much is needed, into the enema bag. Add warm water. Shake the enema bag to mix well.

    This enema is best given with warm water. NEVER hot water.

    Give on a towel on bed, table or across lap.

    Omg I had completely forgotten about a M&M (milk and molasses) enema!

    I was given one of them years ago,
    She told me it needed to given fast so molasses didn’t ticken some in the enema tube.

    OMG does it work!

    If one of my kids needs a good enema for constipation he will get a M&M enema!

    • Thanks for your comment Dee Dee, glad you like the page!

      I am aware of soapsuds enemas and wrote about them in Dangerous Enema Solutions. There seems to be some debate about whether their benefits out weight their risks. In any case, thanks for posting the instructions for a soapsuds enema. If someone does want to try them at their own risk, they can. I’d steer clear of them myself, however.

      Yes, the milk and molasses enema certainly has a reputation for being really effective!

  34. Michelle, so glad you posted that about soapsuds enemas in Dangerous Enema Solutions. Read it. And made a copy for a few moms I know.
    I never have liked giving or getting a Fleet enema. I read on line a while back that they could cause problems. Since I cannot recall the problem, best to not guess.

    I did not know that about the soapsuds enema! OMG thank you.
    My mom gave them. Not that often but I do remember being taken to the table for a soapsuds enema. They did not hurt. She made a very milk soapy water solution.

    I know a mom who gives a soapy enema to her kids now! I am giving her what you posted in the morning! Hopefully I can talk her out of giving them.

    I am going to suggest, she can do as pleases, she gives a M&M enema or a plain warm water enema.
    And to read your list of types of home enemas. I am going to give a M&M enema to mine the next time one of mine has constipation. That is after I have tried everything in the book…then he gets a milk and molasses enema.
    I got a milk and molasses enema years ago. I had forgotten about them until I read your page.
    From what I have heard they work!

  35. Blessings - Mom

    I gave my first ever milk and molasses enema to one of my kids few days ago.

    Thanks to this wonderful article it was easy to prepare.

    Very helpful article. Not only about the Milk and Molasses enema but all of the enemas. Thanks.

    As you may guess once I removed the mixture ** milk and molasses ** from the stove I had to be ready to give the enema. Don’t let it cool down too much. It will thicken.

    Since the Milk and Molasses enema works fast I gave it to him in the bathroom. To be close to the toilet. Had him across my lap on a towel, face down.

    I did as Michelle told gave it as fast as I could. But had to still squeeze the bulb slowly so not to cause too much pressure. As soon as the bulb syringe was empty I immediately put him on the toilet to expel. OMG there wasn’t much time between giving him the enema and him going! So be ready! I am glad I gave it in the bathroom! Very big BM!

    He had some cramping. Not much.

    It is hard to clean the bulb and nozzle from this enema. I started to clean the bulb; but, I threw it out. It was the rubber one. They only cost a few dollars. Do not recommend giving this enema with a rubber enema bag. Would be too hard to clean later. If you want to use a bag, do as Michelle says use a disposal bag and just throw it away after the enema.

    The enema is very effective. Just be ready to give it as soon as the mixture is mixed. And only give it in the bathroom close to the toilet!

    Do, please, consult with a doctor before giving any enema or doing any home remedy.


  36. Blessings - Mom

    Michelle, hope you still read the comments on here.

    You have a very good page! Well written and researched. Very helpful for those who are believers in enemas or first time ever giving an enema.

    Years ago I was not a believer in natural healing. Herbal remedies and such. Especially enemas.
    When ever another mom mentioned enema to me I would scream “ewww” Sorry but that was my reaction.

    The more reading I did about enemas the more I became convinced they are a very good home remedy for many conditions.

    Thanks for your wonderful page and articles.

  37. […] having enemas. I have not had an enema before so I thought I would give it a go. Instructions I read here suggested that I use three tablespoons of organic coffee to a litre of filtered water. With […]

  38. Hi doctor, i am a patient and i am admitted in a hospital in india . I am suffering from constipation also and it is very painful . Yesterday i requested for enama also and they gave me also and i had a relaxing constipation but from today it again starting paining my stomach and i also know that the amount of enama intake is sufficient and I can’t even move my legs because of fracture so i want to know which enama is good for me . And which can be available easily . It’s paining a lot . Today i had papaya and some rice and lemon warm water. Please help me doctor.

    • Hi Kunal,
      My reply is late, and I am sure your situation is resolved by now. If you are still experiencing problems, I advise working with the team at the hospital where you are located because 1. I am not a doctor, and 2. I can’t give this kind of advice online, it is better to work with the people who can see you in person, who know your health history.

  39. I totally get the different recipes and pros/cons… but I can’t seem to find how often, 1x/week, monthly, or what. I’m thinking once a month. What do you use as a guideline? Thank you!

    • How often to do an enema depends on your circumstance and what you are trying to achieve. If you are using enemas alongside a detox regime, you would do them daily for a period of time. If it is just to relieve constipation, then an enema would only be needed for day or two. There are no guidliens give because there are different reasons and needs for using enemas.

    • How often you do an enema depends on your circumstance and what you are trying to achieve. If you are using enemas alongside a detox regime, you would do them daily for a period of time. If it is just to relieve constipation, then an enema would only be needed for a day or two. There are no guidelines given because there are different reasons and needs for using enemas.

  40. My 17 year old son had surgery week ago. His last bm was the day before. He has been given all sorts of oral laxatives and stool softeners, but no avail. Would an enema be a good option? If so, what would be the best one to use?

    • Hi Jeff. Since I do not know your son’s health history or even what kind of surgery he had, I cannot advise if an enema is suitable. I’d suggest checking in with the doctor.

  41. Michaelangelo DiCaprio Shapiro

    Thank you for this list!

  42. Does a salt water enema harm gut bacteria??

    • Moderate use of salt water enema will not deplete the intestinal flora. Overuse of any enema will flush out the beneficial bacteria. You could follow the salt water enema with an acidophilus enema or take probiotics orally to help restore the bacteria if you are concerned.

  43. Michelle, again, thanks for this wonderful list of enema solutions.

    The coffee enema is great for liver detox. Feel so good after doing a coffee enema.

    You did not list a garlic or a catnip tea enema. Possibly I missed seeing them on the list.
    They are both great for fever reduction. Especially for children. I have given a few garlic enemas. They work! Brings a fever down.

    Milk and Molases enemas! My aunt was a nurse. LPN. She gave them. Yes very effective!
    I did not have pain after it was given. But immediately knew had to go. Started causing some discomfort.
    And yes a very effective enema!

    Thanks for your list and all the work you have done on your pages.

    Before doing any enemas, consult with a medical doctor.

  44. Hi,
    I was wondering if I could use a particular sea salt I use often in the kitchen. It’s Sel fin Gris, which is naturally-made and harvested from salt marshes and contains sodium of course, but also magnesium and calcium (and just a tad of phosphore); per 100g the percentages are:

    Calcium 0.18g
    Magnésium 0.43g
    Sodium 3.62g
    Phosphore <20mg/100g

    I know that salt and soda solutions definitely work, but are they more or less feasible of an option with magnesium and calcium in the mix, at least in those amounts?
    If so, I hate to ask anyone to do the math on my behalf but how much of this salt should be used to make a solution? I typically do large volume enemas and I want to be as accurate as possible.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi Xander, I don’t see any problem using that particular salt. No need to overthink it; I’d use the same ratio as with regular sea salt. No salt is ever going to be equal in its composition.

    • Hello Xander taking the solution is not a nice thought as it’s a kind exposing the gut with too many chemicals. Any adverse reaction is unlikely but the risk is way deeper.

      Rather go for simple and plain enemas listed above lots of choice here on this site/web.

      I do a cofee enemas 5 teaspoon cofee and 1 litre of filtered water.
      Retain for 30 to 50 mins and evacuate ….Feels refreshing and clear minded

  45. I use a mix of two 400 mgs capsules of magnesium oxide plus two 500 mgs of vitamin C for constipation. Start slow and slowly increase if needed. It is a cheaper replacement for the “oxy” products on the market for constipation.

  46. OK I have done the seasalt and nothing happened.I had the fleet bottle and the water didn’t come out at all and I didn’t make it to hot.

  47. Hi

    I loved your site (flowingfree.org) and would like to contribute a well written article that your readers will love.

    Would you be keen for this?



  48. Coffee enemas increase gluthathione, but, gluthathione feeds cancer.

    • Michelle Greene

      Would you have any research or more information to back this statement? I’m sure our readers would be interested to know.

  49. How Epsom Salts Enema Can Relieve You From Constipation – Demo

    […] You should also follow the instructions mentioned in the enema kit (can be purchased from any pharmacy). Different enema kits have slight differences in the guidelines and follow them to avoid any errors(2). […]

  50. Current Events – The Church of Entropy

    […] baking soda to your advantage (see recipe below). Enema Recipe (use a non-toxic enema kit & seek guidance if you do not have experience with […]


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